ABS-Zero Red

ABS-Zero Red

Red colored ABS-Zero filament for 1.75mm 3D printers, 1.0kg.

PN: fi.003.004 | EAN: 5999886770990

Price: $34.00 USD
(ex. VAT)

ABS-Zero is a next-generation ABS filament. By applying zero warp technology to the filament it is far less cracking, proven near perfect interlayers, reliable bed adhesion (glass, tape & other adhesives) while improving the mechanical properties making ABS-Zero extra strong. These properties make ABS-Zero the ultimate ABS replacement that prints strong and beautiful parts on our Craftbot 3D printers, without the common headaches associated with regular ABS like warping & horrible bed adhesion. ABS-Zero is the perfect material for strong objects that require an high impact tolerance.

ABS-Zero features:
  • Zero warp technology
  • Excellent interlayer adhesion
  • Reliable bed adhesion (Glass, tape & other adhesives)
  • Enhanced mechanical properties over regular ABS
  • Great strength & aesthetics