CraftBot Flow IDEX XL Closure Pack

CraftBot Flow IDEX XL Closure Pack

Door + Dome for CraftBot Flow IDEX XL printers

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Price: $420.00 USD
(ex. VAT)
To ensure compatibility with you printer please select one of the options:

For the proper compatibility between the smart - door and the Flow Generation 3D printer, we kindly ask you to please add the serial number of the printer (including the CB part), so that we can deliver the right accessories to you. (The serial number is located on the back of the printer.)
Feel free to add any other information like purchase date, CraftBot order number, etc. At least one serial number must be present in order to add this item to the cart!

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Full enclosure: PET-G dome + safety glass smart-door

The PET-G dome and the smart-door set greatly increases the security level of the 3D printer and expands the range of the printable materials.

It can provide up to 50-60 ° C inside temperature for industrial materials that require a heated printing chamber.

It reduces heating time and helps maintain constant temperature inside the printer. (Please note, (the constant temperature is not guaranteed.)

In education and other sectors where it is important to reduce the risk of injury, the safety features of the door and dome provide complete protection while also greatly reducing emissions.