CB Flow Door

Door for CraftBot Flow printer.

PN: CB4S-AS-049 | EAN: 5999566803871

Price: $160.00 USD
(ex. VAT)
To ensure compatibility with you printer please select one of the options:

For the proper compatibility between the smart - door and the Flow Generation 3D printer, we kindly ask you to please add the serial number of the printer (including the CB part), so that we can deliver the right accessories to you. (The serial number is located on the back of the printer.)
Feel free to add any other information like purchase date, CraftBot order number, etc. At least one serial number must be present in order to add this item to the cart!

Safety glass smart-door

The newly developed smart - door is made of tempered safety glass with metal hinges and a high-tech lock. It can be opened at 180 ° for easy access to the printer. It is easy to install to the frame and with the cover you can achieve a closed print chamber.

The locking device consists of two parts. One part is an electromechanical lock that can be controlled from the printer's interface, and the second part is a HALL- sensor opening-detector implements security functions and can be configured via the printer's menu system.
  • Prevents printing with the door open.
  • During printing, if the door is opened the printing process is suspended.
  • Disables the door opening above certain preset temperature values.