Digital Project Week

Competition “Let’s create a board game”

We believe the teaching can be more effective with full of fun.

With the play – based learning we can involve teachers and children into the world of 3D planning, printing.

Since the company was established, it has created numerous projects in order to propagate 3D printing in Hungarian educational institutes. In the spring of 2017 it provided 3D printers for 14 schools for a trial and invited them for a special project and a competition.

In the end, 5 winner schools could keep the printers.

The story of the project

The story of the project from start to finish

Craftunique announced a board game making competition among 14 schools where the best 5 schools could keep the 3D printer after the one month long trial period.
So the task was to find out a unique board game which can connect to any subject in the elementary school, and helps children to learn new facts, thinking methods, new details etc.

AThe groups, including the students and their mentoring teachers, were working on creating a unique board game, which is adaptable for the group and which:

  • is unique not only in its basic idea but in its production as well
  • is adaptable for a school subject
  • is adaptable for at least 4 people to play
  • is created with a 3D printer at least 25%

The winners were chosen based on the following aspects:

  • the implementation should be unique
  • the board game should inspire the target group
  • it should transfer factual knowledge
  • include detailed documentation
  • and playing rules and guides for the game
The schools during the working process

The schools and the results have proved the soaring ideas and creativity of the children. It was delightful to see the enthusiasm and the diversity of the project works, which prove the variability of the equipment dreamed by the company.

We hereby congratulate Márton Bálint Grammar School, Gábor Bethlen Grammar and High School, the Grammar School of Csorna, Saint Stephen Grammar School of Hatvan and the Saint Emeric Catholic Grammar School.
We are also thankful for the enthusiastic participation from all the other schools as well.

Take a look at the 14 schools at work
and see the finished projects!

Have you looked at the finished projects? If yes, we don’t even have to tell you that we were in serious dilemma when we had to choose the five best ones.

At the end, we awarded the schools marked with a cup with the CraftBot printers.

Congratulations to the winning schools and we appreciate and are thankful for all the great ideas and the work put into the project and for the enthusiasm of all participants.