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Meet the Arrabona Racing Team sponsored by Craftunique
Who are they? A bunch of very talented university students representing Hungary for the 4th time in “Formula Student”.
A Car race for geniuses
‘Formula Student’ is an international auto race for undergraduates who design and build their own racing cars.
Car parts out of thin air
The Arrabona Racing Team used a CraftBot XL to print many parts for their car called ART_04: steering wheel cover; box for holding electronics; template for welding the frame etc.

The best thing about CraftBot XL is that you can use all kinds of materials as it is compatible with most filament types.
Perfect for trying out ideas
The team also printed a scale model of ART_04 with CraftBot XL for wind tunnel testing.
God is in the detail
Even a multi-award-winning 3D printer needs high-quality filament. The next generation of ABS named ABS-X is much easier to handle: no warping, no cracking, excellent interlayer adhesion, reliable bed adhesion and the result is more aesthetic.

To smooth printing with ABS even more, you can equip your CraftBot XL with some useful accessories: plexiglass door keeps the heat inside along with a PETG dome which also filters out harmful fumes. Using a perforated build plate ensures a stronger adhesion to the printing surface in the base layer.

Do these young engineers inspire you to come up with a BIG idea?

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